Hulo Integrated School has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The year 1908 saw the organization of the formal classes in Barrio Hulo, housed in a private residence leased by the Municipal Government from MATIAS ESTEBAN and JUAN CORONADO who was a municipal councilor and who eventually became the first teacher. He began with only one class which soon had to be divided. Since no teacher was available, the other class was placed under the tutelage of the best pupil. In such situation, the school continued its operation until 1922.

The challenges that they faced did not hinder the school to stop its operation. In 1923, the school grew into three classes in its new location. The third grade was under the tutelage of SESINANDO ANGELES who became the Head Teacher, under Mr. Jose Angeles as their principal.

The buildings used were formerly houses in different locations, Grade I-III, located along San Jose St. (now Garahe Burgers)Grade IV building along Coronado St.(now Parish of Our Lady Abandoned ) and Grade V and VI along E. Pantaleon which is the actual location of the school at present.

For a period of sixteen years, classes were housed in private residences. The student population continued to grow in number. This forced the local government to make necessary actions to resolve the challenge. In 1932, during the incumbency of the Municipal President GREGORIO PEDRO that the Municipal council resolved to build the Jolo Primary School for Barrio Hulo. It was in 1937, through the effort of district supervisor, Mr. Constancio Gabriel, Mayor Isaac Lopez began the construction of Barrio schools. The 10, 100 squaremeters or 1.1 hectares, former garage of rail road truck from Tarlac to the Noah’s Arc refinery of sugarcane, was bought by the city government. It was where the Primary School of Hulo had been erected.

Its curriculum changes prompted changes in the subjects taught. From 1901-1917, only reading was taught in Grade I in the new English language. Arithmetic, Spelling and Writing were taught in grade II. The same subjects were taught in grade III. In grade IV, Geography and English grammar were added and nature study in grade V and VI. In grade VII, Physiology and Philippine History were added. Other subjects are Physical Education, Music, Writing, Drawing and Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC).

From 1918-1941, there was another change in the curriculum. Three R’s were emphasized. Grade I pupils had drawings, music, physical education besides reading and language. The grade II teachers follow the same pattern as in grade I but in higher level. The same was true in Grade III.  Gardening was taught in grade IV. Shop Work and Home Economics became part of the curriculum for grades V, VI and VII.The Education Act of 1940 prompted schools to have the shortened elementary course to six years. Thus in 1941, no classes were held in grade VII.  

The operation of the school continue to run smoothly. However, due to issues that mails were sent to Jolo, Sulu. Mr. Bonifacio Combalicer requested to the city government and education department that the school’s name be changed from Jolo Elementary to Hulo Elementary to avoid misleading of the correspondents sent.

From 1987 to 1993 it was part of the huge Division of Quezon City together with other cities like San Juan, Pasig and Marikina.

 In 1994, when the Division of Mandaluyong City was created. Hulo Elementary School had to reduce  its area to give away to the birth of City of Mandaluyong Science High School. It was then that the old building was replaced by a new four-storey building constructed through the initiative of Senator Neptali A. Gonzales and Congressman Neptali M. Gonzales II. Additional two buildings were added to accommodate all the pupils. Then, a new separate H.E. building was again constructed through the initiative of the Father and Son team.

In 2000, Bonifacio Javier Elementary School, previously an extension school of Jolo Elementary School which was formerly Jolo 1, was dissolved and was converted into a National High School. During this year, all the pupils and the teachers had an exodus to Hulo Elementary School. The merging of the two schools paved the way of becoming the institution considered as Principal III School.

Through the initiative of Congressman Neptali M. Gonzales, Hulo Elementary School was converted to HULO INTEGRATED SCHOOL by the power of the Republic Act No. 10842 signed last July 27, 2015. The school started its operation as integrated last June 2016, there were 155 students as Grade 7 with the advent of K to 12 Curriculum.

Some of the former administrators of the school were:

 1957-1958   Quirino Viray  –Principal I

1958-1962            Miss Fidela Perey –Principal I

1962-1970             Miss Maria Cosme – Principal I 

1970-1980              Mr. Ramon Zulueta–Principal I

1980-1983              Mrs. Gomersinda Quinajon – Principal I

1983-1985               Miss Carmen Cuaresma  – Principal I

1985-1988               Miss Monica Arandilla – Principal I

1988-1990              Mrs. Evangeline de Jesus – Principal I

1990-1993         Mrs. Veneranda A Raz – Principal I 

                                         (Mrs. Chit Perey ASTP)

1993-1998          Mrs. Rosalina G. Ojeda  – Principal I 

1998-2000         Mrs. Juanita Valle  – Principal I

                                     (Mrs. Josefina de Ocampo-ASTP) 

2000-2003           Mrs. Evelyn Sto. Tomas– Principal I

                             (Mrs. Matilde N. Padallan-ASTP)

                             (Mrs. Anita B. Malilin-ASTP)

2003-2006         Mrs. Corazon S. Mayoya– Principal III

                                (Mrs. Matilde N. Padallan-ASTP) 

                                 (Mrs. Anita B. Malilin-ASTP)

2006- 2010 Mrs. Luz T. Amaro – Principal III

                            (Mrs. Matilde N. Padallan-ASTP) 

                             (Mrs. Anita B. Malilin-ASTP)

2010 – 2011 Mrs. Janet M. Mariano– Principal III

                            (Mrs. Leticia C. Garcia-ASTP) (Ms. Celeste S. Suba-ASTP)

2011– 2018   Dr. Imelda O. Garcia– Principal IV

                               Mrs. Florelyn C. Escultura-ASTP Elem

                                Ms. Jocelyn S. Balane-ASTP JHS

2017-2019    Dr. Teresita E. Evangelista, Principal III 

                              Mrs. Florelyn C. Escultura-ASTP Elem

                               Franklin F. Fabreag-ASTP JHS

2019-2020 Mrs. Leonila Q. Masangcay, Principal II

                            Mrs. Florelyn C. Escultura-ASTP Elem

                            Franklin F. Fabreag-ASTP JHS

2020 - 2023  Dr. Nimfa A. Matabang, Principal IV 

                         Mr. John Larry B. Caruruan-ASTP Elem

                          Franklin F. Fabreag-ASTP JHS

2023 - Present Dr. Efren S. Consemino, Principal IV 

                       Mr. John Larry B. Caruruan-ASTP Elem

                      Mr. Franklin F. FabreaFabreag